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The "engraving movement" comes to Chongqing, and a mobile phone can have its exclusive gym.

        In the future, a mobile phone can complete online lessons, fitness anytime and anywhere. In June 7th, the famous internet intelligent fitness platform music carving movement will be built in the first store of Chongqing in the Internet Industrial Park of Liangjiang New Area, which will be officially unveiled in early July this year.
        According to the introduction, Yue Ting sports is the leading sports O2O platform in China, and it is also the largest 24 hour chain fitness brand, with more than 350 offline stores.
        "We adopted the intelligent management mode." By paying the APP to the gym membership, a mobile phone can complete the function of sweeping the door, the online class, the shopping mall, the whole course of self-help, the monthly pay, and the pain points of the traditional gym. People can have more free choice of space and get a more convenient and inexpensive fitness course. "

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